Helping you prepare for going into hospital

The HospiChill App will not only help you prepare in the weeks before your appointment but also help you feel more in control when your there by teaching you how to relax and stay calm.

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Tips and tools to help you relax

Loads of helpful exercises you can watch and listen to to keep you feeling calm.

Unlock the entire badge collection

The more you use the app the more rewards you can collect!

Prepare anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Use HospiChill on the go whenever you're feeling worried or stressed.

How does the HospiChill App work?

Browse our visualisation and relaxation tools and choose the ones that suit your mood. We'd recommend you try them all at least once then save your favourites and learn how to apply the techniques when you need them.

Some more useful features include:

• A checklist to help you remember what to bring

• Useful reminders of times when tools may be helpful

• A list of helpful healthcare tools and resources

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